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ผู้เขียน หัวข้อ: Sixth from open evening by Rugby school  (อ่าน 2030 ครั้ง)

Sixth from open evening by Rugby school

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Sixth from open evening by Rugby school
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Our sixth form is currently on residential up in the Chang Mai area. Much of this week away will be an activity that counts towards their "adventurous journey", which, more than any other section of the Duke of Edinburgh Award, is about team-work and social connection between the team members who will undertake the journey and the supervisors on the trip.

Here are some pictures of their adventure so far, which has included rock climbing, farm to table jungle cooking lessons, compass skills, first-aid training, food planning and shopping for the trek, and the adventurous journey (which they're currently on!).

To find out more about our colorful Sixth Form experience, join our Open Evening on Monday 24th February. Click here to register: sixth form


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